Inspirational People

My Neighbour Nessie

By Sophie Lishman

At the age of four my parents packed our life into just two moving vans in hopes of starting a new chapter in the leafy suburb of Sandringham- a suburb just a walk from the sandy beaches where children played on corners until the dusk brought with it outdoor barbeques and bedtime stories.

My parents thought it fitting to introduce their only child to the joys of living in a neighbourhood full of children. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately, instead of young playmates I found myself surrounded by several heartfelt seniors, or as I called them, my “grandparents”. Read more »

Grandma my inspiration

By Melissa Haber

My grandmother Judy Roulston has always been an inspiration to me. When I was a kid I looked up to her, admiring her creativity and artistic skills when we did craft activities together and the way she would never fail to come up with stories to tell me when I relentlessly asked her to tell me more. Now that I am older, I realise that Judy is not only a patient, creative and kind person, but also a determined woman who has worked hard her whole life, through times of war, peace, happiness and sadness. Read more »

Abu’s Story

By Abdul Qadir Bukhari
Edited by Marine Pintena

It is often a monumental task on deciding where to begin when asked to comment on a man’s life who has accomplished so much. I guess a good way to begin would be to look at parts of his character that has influenced and inspired me. One thing above all that I found particularly spectacular about him is his ability to socialize and mingle with individuals in all four corners of the globe.

At a time when racial segregation and racial prejudice were repent, he ventured from a village that was so insignificant that it would not even appear on most maps of India, with nothing more than the will to thrive leaps and bounds. It is his trustworthy personality and his honesty that opened various doors.

Read more »